What are DrumTagz drum wraps?

DrumTagz drum wraps are lightweight, flexible, and custom-tailored to your drum’s specific dimensions. They can feature just about any image or color you desire and can even incorporate special effects, such as sparkling glitter, to give your drums a unique and eye-catching appearance. Plus, each wrap includes a 1/2 inch adhesive strip on each end for easy installation.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

We also accept purchase orders for institutional or corporate orders.

What are Drum Slips?

Drum Slips™ are pre-cut, swappable wraps that let you alter a drum’s look and color in an instant—no hardware removal is required except for drum heads. While Drum Slips work with numerous drums, they are not compatible with all models.

Drum Slips™ is a registered trademark of ON2 Percussion. DrumTagz is not affiliated with ON2 Percussion

How does custom design work?

Getting a custom design is easy and free when purchasing drum wraps or heads. Just visit our custom page, provide your details, and we’ll send you some design ideas. We’re dedicated to working with you until your vision becomes a reality.

Drum Wraps vs Drum Slips?

Wraps: Require the hardware to be removed from the shell along with the heads.

Slips: For most modern drums, drum slips can be placed onto drums by only removing the drum heads. Drum Slips is not affiliated with DrumTagz. We can provide you with a print-ready design file which you will take to ON2percussion.

How are graphics heads made?

Remo employs a unique method for custom drum heads. Unlike stickers, decals, or printed ink on the head’s surface, Remo’s approach involves permanently embedding images into the very structure of the drumhead film. This technique eliminates any risk of peeling, ripping, or image damage before you even start playing through the drumhead itself.

How do I order wraps or slips?

Ordering wraps is a breeze. Just explore our website, and when you discover a design you adore, add it to your quote. When you’re ready to proceed, head over to the quote page and share your drum details, including brand and quantities, along with any customization preferences.

For those interested in Drum Slips, simply let us know, and we’ll send you a design fee invoice. After payment, you’ll receive the print-ready file, which you can then use to finalize your Drum Slips purchase at ON2Percussion.

Can I have multiple head designs?

Yes, our drum heads can feature virtually any design you can imagine. If you prefer, each individual bass drum can have its own unique design. You can even choose to have one color or design on one side and a different one on the other side, allowing you to give each bass drum its own distinct and personalized look.

How long is production time for wraps?

Once a design is select or approved the wraps will be out to shipping with in 3-7 days.

How long is production time for heads?

Our drum heads are shipped directly from the manufacturer, Remo. Currently, Remo has a production time of 4 weeks for drum heads.