DrumTagz wraps are custom-cut to match your drum, but we’re constrained by legal limits to cut only to length and width. This limitation, while not ideal, does have its advantages. It ensures a factory-like appearance and lasting durability since the wrap is securely placed under the hardware. The trade-off is removing the drum hardware for installation, which is an easy, straightforward process.

Remove Heads

  • Take off drum heads for all drums except the marching snare drum.
  • For marching snare drums, remove all drum heads except the bottom one.

Remove Hardware

  • Remove all hardware from drum shell (lugs, hooks, mounts, mechanisms).
  • Leave air holes and badges untouched, carefully cut wrap around them.

Attach Wrap

  • Find end of wrap with label, ensure correct orientation.
  • Place wrap on shell, center it, adjust placement.
  • Attach one end of wrap to shell securely.


  • Begin at attached end, work around drum.
  • Use X-Acto knife’s back to trace air holes and badges.
  • Follow traced lines with blade for cutting.
  • Attach remaining end of wrap.

Replace Hardware

  • Reattach all hardware and drum heads previously removed.